My name is Vadim. I create graphic design and develop creative marketing strategies.

For 10 years I have been working with brands and companies, increasing their awareness, sales and loyalty. I have my own approach to working with clients: the process should bring not only results, but also joy. I tried to work without pleasure - I did not like it.

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· research;
· brand identity;
· positioning;
· communication strategy;
· etc.


· brand identity;
· outdoor advertising;
· presentations;
· digital;
· etc.


· special projects;
· video and radio scripts;
· solutions for ATL, BTL, digital;
· advertising games;
· etc.


· names and slogans;
· presentations;
· description of products/services;
· articles and reviews;
· etc.

I am ready to provide you with these and other project services, consult and train your employees. Write me.